Our Promise to You

It is our highest priority to ensure that when your project is complete, THE ONLY THING you will BE ABLE TO say IS ‘I’m so glad we did this!’
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The founding of Jacoby & Associates was based on a simple premise – to provide a “big picture”, all-encompassing approach to your renovation needs.  While it may seem best to start with a designer or architect, this can lead to grand visions that lack practicality and “build-ability”.  Others may start with great craftsman to ensure quality but find that they are left to create and design their own layouts and finishes. 

Over the last 20 years, we at Jacoby & Associates have created a model that ensures all of these aspects are provided to our clients with the highest levels of attention and quality through one point of contact.  It’s just simpler…and better! 

In order to do this at the highest level, we have aligned ourselves with a tight-knit group of craftsman and service providers.  It’s a collective effort among groups and individuals familiar with each other that ensures an ease of communication and understanding necessary to provide the renovation experience you expect – efficient, functional, and beautiful!  It is this premise that allows us to promise that when your project is complete, the only thing you will be able to say is “I’m so glad we did this!”

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